Introducing Encyclis... the new name for Covanta Europe

We are a leader in the safe recovery of energy and other resources from waste, and we are determined to set new standards of sustainability in our industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities take residual waste that would otherwise be landfilled. We turn this into sustainable baseload electricity, heat and other practical resources to accelerate the circular economy of the future.

What we do

Recovering more than energy from waste

At Encyclis, we are supporting the circular economy by giving a second life to household and commercial waste that remains after separation for recycling. In the process of treating waste, we generate baseload electricity, create hot water for district heat networks, supply ash that can be turned into building materials and enable extraction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for reuse.

Residual waste from over 2 million households diverted from landfill

Our energy recovery facilities can process a combined total of around 1.5 million tonnes of residual waste every year.

Sustainable power to supply over 290,000 homes every year

We generate more than 160MW of safe and sustainable baseload electricity, which is enough to power over 290,000 homes. And we'll double that when all facilities currently in development come on stream.

Over 200,000 tonnes of ash to turn into construction materials

The ash that results from our waste treatment process is recycled in specialist plants to create aggregate materials for the construction industry. In addition, the metal recovered from that ash for re-use is equivalent to two Eiffel Towers every year.

Our Facilities

Energy recovery around the clock

Our best-in-class facilities, in Dublin, Rookery South and Newhurst, operate 24/7 and our portfolio is expanding with more sites currently in development.


News and insights

Aggregate processing plant will boost resource efficiency in Northamptonshire

Work has started on Encyclis’ first aggregate processing plant, in Northamptonshire. When it becomes operational in 2024, it will turn up to 200,000 tonnes per year of incinerator bottom ash (IBA) from our facilities into aggregates for the construction industry, further improving the circularity of our operations.

November 2022

Protos development is taking shape in Cheshire

Construction is moving forward in Ellesmere Port, where Encyclis’ ERF will form part of Protos, the energy and resource innovation hub. The Protos ERF is set to process up to 500,000 tonnes of residual waste per year.  

January 2023

All systems go for Newhurst ERF in Leicestershire

Hot commissioning is well underway at Encyclis' Newhurst ERF, which is due to come online in the early months of 2023. The development is making rapid progress towards handover following a period of testing and optimisation.

January 2023