About Encyclis

Encyclis is a pureplay leader in the safe recovery of energy from waste, operating highly efficient thermal recycling facilities in the UK and Ireland.

We are aiming to make our operating processes 100% sustainable by 2030, annually diverting over 3 million tonnes of potentially polluting residual waste away from landfills. We will be generating at least 300 megawatts of sustainable baseload electricity and supplying heat locally while also recovering ash and metals for recycling.

Together with our partners, suppliers and local communities, we strive to set new standards of safety and sustainability, recovering more than energy from waste in support of local and national net zero ambitions.

Who we are

Encyclis is rooted in more than 40 years of energy-from-waste expertise.

Formerly known as Covanta Europe, Encyclis was created after the UK-based European operation of Covanta Corporation became a standalone company, under the ownership of EQT. Today, Encyclis employs more than 200 people across multiple operational and development sites, and at our headquarters in London. Our company is comprised of sector specialists, using world-leading techniques and technologies to deliver energy-from-waste in the most efficient, safe and sustainable way. We are united by our commitment to providing an effective alternative to landfill, generating much-needed energy and reducing environmental impacts.

Our vision

Sustainability guides our thinking and day-to-day operations,

In a process of continuous improvement. We are aiming to recover everything possible from waste by 2030, while also reducing the need for landfill.

Safe, responsible partners

We are agile and accountable business partners and collaborators in local communities, acting ethically, professionally and responsibly at all times. Our emissions are cleaned and filtered to the most stringent UK and EU standards and transparently monitored 24/7.

Investing for the future

We are investing heavily in the future to deploy district heating infrastructure for local communities and businesses, and planning to incorporate carbon capture technologies (CCUS) to fulfil our net-zero ambitions.

Recovering more than energy

Energy isn’t the only resource we recover. Valuable by-products from our state-of-the-art processes are also recovered. Recyclable materials including bottom ash, flue gas treatment residues, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recovered for re-use and repurposing.

Our values

Our values

Safety first

A safe, healthy and risk-aware workplace improves the wellbeing of our colleagues, customers, the local communities we serve, and the planet we must protect.

Focused on maximising recovery

We focus on recovering energy and other by-products from waste that would otherwise end up in landfill, supporting the transition to more sustainable energy and a more circular economy.

Responsible partners and good citizens

We take our responsibilities seriously, whether that’s with our partners, suppliers, regulators or local communities. We always aim to achieve the highest standards of compliance and accreditation.

100% and beyond

Every day we strive to do better, in a process of continuous improvement that impacts everything we do, from high plant availability to 100% recovery from waste, transforming it into energy, ash for aggregates and metals for recycling.

Succeeding together

Empowering our people, collaborating with partners and working together as a diverse, inclusive team help us adapt to a fast changing world, while adding value to our enterprise.