24th January 2023

Encyclis – the new name for Covanta Europe

A new era starts today as Covanta Europe becomes Encyclis and sets out its commitment to advancing Energy-from-Waste as an effective solution on the journey to net-zero.


The unveiling of Encyclis follows the company’s formal separation from US-headquartered Covanta Corporation in July 2022. The company, owned by EQT Infrastructure, a purpose-driven global investment organisation, is dedicated to playing a key role in empowering and supporting a sustainable future.

As a pureplay leader in Energy-from-Waste, Encyclis provides a progressive solution for the treatment of residual waste that is otherwise sent to landfill. Within the widely adopted waste hierarchy, Energy-from-Waste serves a vital role following waste reduction, re-use and recycling efforts. Encyclis transforms waste into sustainable energy and recovers resources for re-use, supporting the transition to a circular economy and accelerating the journey to net-zero.

The company’s mission is to achieve fully sustainable operations by 2030 and support the Energy-from-Waste industry’s target of reaching net zero by 2040. These goals are central to the company’s vision of delivering more than Energy-from-Waste.

Integral to this mission will be a drive to continue to reduce emissions, develop district heating networks, recycle ash and residues into new aggregate material for the construction industry, and proactively work with partners and government towards the deployment of carbon capture technology.

Progress towards these goals is already underway with a district heating solution being prepared for Encyclis’ Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) and support for the Hynet carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) cluster through the Protos development in Ellesmere Port.

Over the past five years, Encyclis has launched three highly efficient energy recovery facilities in the UK that collectively divert around 1.4 million tonnes of residual waste away from landfill and generate enough power to meet the needs of nearly 300,000 homes. Two further facilities are currently under construction in Merseyside and Scotland, with an additional two pipeline projects in Walsall and Corby in the final stages of development.

Encyclis will continue to be led by CEO Owen Michaelson, who joined the company in January 2021, having previously served as CEO of Harworth Group PLC and Executive Director of the Peel Group.

He said: “I’m immensely proud to be announcing the launch of Encyclis today, building on the expertise the company has developed over many years with the successful delivery of some of the UK & Ireland’s most advanced energy-from-waste facilities. But our focus now is firmly on the future. We’ll be bringing more facilities on stream, using the latest technologies, AI and the best people to maximise our efficiency and optimise the provision of energy and other resources. The future is about more than energy-from-waste. It’s about continually improving the performance and sustainability of energy-from-waste, delivering as much value back as possible.


About Encyclis

Encyclis provides energy-from-waste services which turn residual waste into low-carbon electricity, heat and other reusable materials. Formerly known as Covanta Europe, our state-of-the-art energy recovery facilities support the transition to a circular economy by making productive use of residual waste that would otherwise go to landfill. With over 200 employees, our portfolio includes three facilities in the UK and Ireland, which operate 24/7 to collectively divert 1.5 million tonnes of waste from landfill every year and generate enough electricity to power nearly 300,000 homes. Further facilities are currently under construction. With expertise stretching back over three decades, extensive partnerships and continuous innovation, Encyclis provides a progressive solution for waste management. Visit www.encyclis.com for further information.